Best Session replay tools of 2021
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Best Session replay tools of 2021

Vimlesh Gautam
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Session replay tools are a powerful means of gathering insights into user behaviour. Think of app session recording tools as feedback tools that let you see what your users experience and enables you to enhance what your app offers. They can save you hours of trying to identify where the bug is. The hardest factor with bug fixing is knowing the bug itself, and why it happened. You can see for yourself where the app crashed or why a user is facing an issue with the help of session replay tools. 

Session replays are one of the most important analytics tools that allow you to improve your conversion rates, and as a consequence, boost your sales. It allows you to check your website’s usability and see if it’s user-friendly. To develop great experiences for your users, session replay tools are the way to go.

Questions to ask when looking at app session recordings

App session recording means recording consumer behavior in the form of video clips. It’s a form of analytics that helps you to observe in-app as well as analyze the usability of your app. 

The use of heat maps and performance indicators are important for mobile app performance analysis, but nothing can beat watching a user’s exact actions on your app. Instead of drawing conclusions of why a user dropped off at some point, you can visually understand what went wrong. But trying to watch the entire session recording will not give you any useful insights. It’s always advisable to keep in mind a few questions to which you require answers.

  • How easy was it for the user to navigate through your app? Was he getting stuck at any point?
  • Are there any rage taps? If so, what elements on the screen are causing such behaviour?
  • Does the design of your app make some static elements appear clickable? This could be misleading and lead to the user tapping around in frustration.
  • Why did a user drop off at this point? What distracted him? Why has there been no conversion?
  • Have there been any in-app crashes? 

Such questions make it easy to derive the insights that you need and improve the look and feel of the app if necessary. 

Best session replay tools in the market

There are a plethora of options for app session recording software out there. Selecting the right tool for your business is an important decision. You should take into consideration your requirements, budget and the level of customization allowed by the software provider. Here are a few options that are currently leading the market in terms of session replay tools:

LiveSession Session Replay Tool

LiveSession allows you to watch session replays, improve UX and boost conversions with qualitative analytics. It helps you to identify pages and elements with bugs and the most popular pages, elements and features in your app. You can analyse and optimize your website with data-driven insights.

UserExperior Session Replay Tool

UserExperior helps you “see what your users see” with the help of its mobile app session replays feature. It helps marketers, UX designers & developers alike get complete visibility over user experience. It is not just a session replay tool. It also offers heatmap analysis, across different devices, of user interactions to unveil usability problems that affect your app development.

SessionCam Session Replay Tool

SessionCam is a software that helps you with intelligent website optimization. Their session recordings feature will help you uncover issues faster and improve user experience. They provide algorithms that measure the user struggle and highlight which parts of the session recording to watch.

ClickTale Session Replay Tool

Clicktale enables you to transform your users’ digital interactions into meaningful insights and visualizations, by providing collaborative intelligence. Their platform helps enhance analytics and reporting with behavioral data captured at every interaction and fuels smarter decision making.

UserReplay Session Replay Tool

UserReplay is a customer experience platform which allows customers to optimize their digital revenue. It facilitates quick identification of customer issues and enables you to see exactly what problems they are facing. UserReplay helps you pinpoint where customers are struggling and resolve issues fast.

Wisdom Session Replay Tool

Wisdom’s platform helps you understand the user’s experience across your entire web presence. Their live view shows you what your customers are seeing, and enables screen sharing to help solve them in real time, with no user installations. It helps in complete front-end monitoring with features like session repays, CRM and dev tools logging.

LogRocket Session Replay Tool

LogRocket enables you to stop guessing why bugs happen. It gives you a visual representation of the exact problems faced by your users, so that you can fix issues as quickly as possible. With LogRocket, you can replay user sessions as if they happened in your own browser.

Decibel Session Replay Tool

With Decibel’s session replay technology that is powered by AI, you can get to the root cause of uncovered anomalies by watching the exact experiences of your users. With their advanced session replay feature, Decibel can visually showcase customer experiences across different devices. Also, Decibel’s AI tells you exactly which sessions to review to spot issues and solve the most urgent user experience problems.


A good session replay tool is something that deserves to be in the toolkit of any organization that wants to deliver a smooth and enhanced user experience to its users. Reach out to us today to learn more about app session recordings and why it’s important.

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